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Our saintly founder, Venerable Nelson Baker, was well known for using all of the means at his disposal to communicate with those who supported his "City of Charity."  Today, OLV Charities is committed to doing the same: using the tools of our day to reach, inspire and energize those who wish to know more about Father Baker's compassionate life and legacy.

It is our sincere hope that you enjoy listening to our podcasts as much as we enjoy making them for you.  If there are any topics, stories or events you'd like us to discuss in future episodes, please let us know by calling (716) 828-9658 or clicking here.  

We are grateful for your support of all we do! 

2-Minute Devotional
The “2-Minute Devotional" podcast is perfect for today’s busier-than-ever times. It allows you to carve out a little time -- about 120 seconds of your day -- to grow deeper in your faith.  Each weekly episode includes an original prayer written just for you, as well as thought-provoking, aspirational questions designed to keep you thinking long after it has ended.



Father Baker: Re-Told
Do you know who Venerable Nelson Baker is? And, if you do, how well do you know his story?  “Father Baker: Re-Told” is devoted to telling some of the fascinating stories about Western New York’s saintly hero that folks may know in part ... or not at all. The best part? Each episode features a special guest to help bring these remarkable tales to life.




The OLV Podcast
Join Msgr. David LiPuma, pastor and rector of OLV National Shrine & Basilica, as he dives into interesting topics focused on the Catholic community both locally and nationally.  Each episode will feature an in-depth interview with an expert guest with the hope that the discussion will deepen your relationship with your faith.


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A donation of any amount makes work such as this -- spreading the good news of OLV's ministries and re-telling the incredible life story of our founder, Venerable Nelson Baker -- possible.  We could not do it without your support.  Thank you!