About Us

In gratitude for spiritual or temporal victories, countless individuals throughout history have given Mary the title of "Our Lady of Victory." Today, the faithful continue to dedicate their prayers and good works to Mary under this title while supporting the important work being done through her OLV Charities and Our Lady of Victory (OLV) Institutions.
All of the good work that is done through OLV Charities is possible because of the generosity of our faithful friends around the world. Thousands of people, inspired and touched by Our Lady of Victory, make contributions in her honor. Their offerings are used to help fulfill the spiritual and material needs of the thousands of individuals and families we serve each year.
Father Baker's vast "City of Charity" remains today and continues to evolve and grow. Comprised of OLV Charities, OLV Human Services, and OLV National Shrine & Basilica, the OLV Institutions are as vibrant as ever. Although many things have changed throughout our history, we have never lost sight of our dependence on Our Lady of Victory and our humble founder's mission. It is this long history of service and devotion that continues to inspire and motivate Msgr. David G. LiPuma, his staff, and thousands of generous patrons and friends from around the world.

OLV Human Services:Continuing the Legacy

The evolution of Father Baker's extensive social-service programs, OLV Human Services, continues to care for individuals and families as it did many years ago. Acknowledged as a leader in the field of behavioral health care for children and adults, OLV Human Services offers a wide range of programs providing specialized therapy and care for those facing challenges. Programming includes:
Residential Services - A wide range of care is offered for youths with behavioral and mental health challenges as well as young expectant mothers, in settings such as cottages, group homes, and 24-hour residential treatment facilities.
Services for the Developmentally Disabled - Children and adults with severe physical and mental disabilities like mental retardation, spina bifida, and cerebral palsy receive round-the-clock comprehensive care.
Education Services - A variety of traditional and specialized Early Childhood, Preschool and Special Education programs are offered to children from birth through adolescence.
Outpatient Services - Striving to keep families together and prevent out-of-home placement of children, these programs focus on addressing problems at home and at school.
Foster Care - Foster Care is available for families who wish to open their hearts and homes to children in need.