OLV cHARITIES senior leadership team

OLV Charities Senior Leadership Team


OLV Charities Board of Directors

David J. Kersten
Chief Executive Officer
716-828-9615 | [email protected]

Mr. Patrick Boyle
Chair of the Board

Mr. Alan R Elia, Jr.
Vice Chair of the Board

Michael Allaire, CPA, MBA
Chief Financial Officer
716-828-7920 | [email protected]

Mr. Tom Baker
Treasurer of the Board

Ms. Beth Ieraci
Secretary of the Board

Eileen Hudson, CFRE
Chief Advancement Officer
716-828-7585 | [email protected]


Mr. Jim Biddle, Jr.

Ms. Marcia Brogan

Mr. Nicholas Fiume

Tom Lucia
Chief Creative Officer
716-828-9631 | [email protected]

Mr. J. Patrick Greenwald

Ms. Beth Ieraci

Ms. Mary Powell

Becky Juroe
Director of Human Resources
716-828-9648 | [email protected]


Mr. James Radwan, AIA

Mr. Steven Timmel

Mr. James Walleshauser

Yordan Kovatchki
Director of Facilities
716-828-9663 | [email protected]


Msgr. David G. LiPuma
President & Chair OLV Institutions

Curtis Mott
Director of Information Technology
716-828-9744 | [email protected]


Miss Joyce Fink

Mr. James V. Glynn

John Pitts
Director of Communications
716-828-9627 | [email protected]




Michael Sherry
Director of Operations, Planning & Ministry Development
716-828-7921 | [email protected]


Scott Weigley
Director of Strategic Community Engagement
716-828-9657 | [email protected]