Camp turner

Situated within the 65,000 acres that make up Allegany State Park in the south west corner of New York State, Camp Turner provides enriching experiences to young people that help them discover God, nature, and the beauty of the human spirit.

Its programming encourages the development of community living skills, self-care skills, interpersonal skills and spirituality.

OLV Charities acquired the 98-year-old Camp Turner in Spring of 2021 when financial difficulties faced by the previous sponsor left the future of the camp in jeopardy.

“Combining the ministries of Father Baker and the traditions of Camp Turner made for a natural fit,” says David Kersten, CEO of OLV Charities. “Through our Camp Turner ministry, children and families will continue to have a beautiful retreat, a sanctuary to welcome them and enrich their souls.”

  • The 2022 summer session saw 424 young people participate, the largest total since 2014!  

In addition to the summer camp program, Camp Turner is also available for families and group rentals throughout the year. To learn more, check out or call (716) 354-4555.