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Tue, Oct 10th 2017 11:50 am

Tom was admitted to our residential program at age 15 plagued with suicidal thoughts.  As a young child, he experienced tremendous trauma from the frequent physical and sexual abuse he suffered at home.  Then, he struggled with the pain of rejection when his father abandoned him and his mother could hardly care for him due to her own mental illness.

Along with deep feelings of depression and loneliness, Tom wrestles with mood swings, behavioral disorders, anxiety, and hyperactivity.  With all of these problems, it’s been a difficult road for Tom. 

Gradually, as Tom learned to trust Peter, a caring staff member, he began to share his concerns, fears, and worries.  And through loving care, intensive counseling, and attentive listening, he’s learning how to deal with conflicts, relate with his peers, and handle his behavior more honestly and appropriately. “Tom is special,” says Peter.  “Because he has so much potential and creativity – and he’s such a good kid!”

With much hard work, Tom is now on the path to healing and a brighter future! 

It is stories like Tom’s that inspire the work we do at Father Baker’s each and every day.  Our dedicated staff invests time, effort, and resources to ensure that the children and families we serve receive the best care possible.  One of the major investments “Father Baker’s” / Baker Victory Services made in 2017 was the grand opening of our state-of-the-art Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) – a caring and nurturing environment where Tom – and youth like Tom - are cared for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The RTF is a forward-thinking facility that elevates the level of care for those dealing with significant behavioral health challenges.  This facility also offers a centralized treatment approach that provides our residents access to a professional multi-disciplinary team consisting of psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, recreational therapists, nurses, school personnel, and administrators.

The goal of the RTF is to provide treatment, planning, and transition services to facilitate our resident’s smooth transition back into the community / reunite them with their family.

“At “Father Baker’s,” we strive to continue the legacy of our Saintly Founder by providing individuals and families in need with love and shelter and by giving them hope for the future,” Msgr. Paul Burkard, President, Our Lady of Victory Institutions, said.   “To that end, our new Residential Treatment Facility provides the highest level of care to individuals struggling with mental challenges through the values entrusted to us by our Founder.”

It’s with sincere gratitude that we thank you for the many ways you share Jesus’ love with us, especially through your generous giving.  Your giving allows us the ability to provide an environment like the RTF - a setting that fosters the highest possible quality of life and personal achievement for the children (like Tom), adults, and families we serve each day.