“There was a time there when many nights I went to sleep sure that I’d never see her again.


As early as age four, Lisa displayed severe behavioral problems.  Her erratic temper tantrums often included explosive outbursts of uncontrollable, loud screaming.  Knowing Lisa needed help, her mother started her in counseling. Things began to improve.

But, then, at age six, she was sexually abused by a relative. Predictably, Lisa became violent -- breaking things, hitting others, and punching holes in walls.  

As time went on and she entered the volatile teenage years, Lisa’s emotional pain intensified, so much so that she frequently attempted suicide.  Lisa was in and out of emergency rooms, psychiatric hospitals, and detention homes.

Throughout this nightmarish period, her mother watched in horror as Lisa’s life fell apart. Recalls her mother: “There was a time there when many nights I went to sleep sure that I’d never see her again.  It was horrible for her and we felt like we just couldn’t help.”
But, when the night seemed darkest and hope seemed to have left completely, help arrived.  During the last court visit, at which Lisa was about to be placed in a detention home permanently, her parents learned about Baker Victory Services and the agency’s reputation for caring for the community’s most vulnerable children and teens.

Lisa arrived on our campus, specifically to one of the residential programs, at the age of 15. Intensive counseling and therapy immediately began with the goal of helping her cope with the trauma she had suffered.  In time, Lisa began to trust our dedicated staff and to work with them.  The healing process began.  She learned how to manage her feelings and to control her behavior.  

And she didn’t do so alone.  Throughout her stay with us, Lisa’s family was ever-present, attending every family session, planned activity and visitation day.

All of that hard work paid off!  For, after just one year, Lisa was able to leave our residential program and return home. It was a miracle her parents never thought would happen.

“There’s no question Lisa’s life was saved,” says her father with a broad smile.