Charles was very young, his father committed suicide.  This traumatic death along with other significant deaths in a short period of time, made dying seem like a good idea to him – so much so that Charles attempted suicide several times.  How desperate and dejected he felt!

    Charles entered our residential and school programs.  Through intensive counseling and constant support from our caring teachers and staff, he gradually saw life differently… and slowly his attitude began to change.  
     To Charles, the challenges he has overcome at one time seemed insurmountable.  But through his perseverance and hard work, he is now ready to enter the world as a happy, triumphant and flourishing member of society.

     In Charles’ own words, “I learned that weaknesses can be turned into strengths, goals can be achieved and above all, life is worth living.”  He now wants to live life to his fullest potential.  

     As he moves on to the next stage in his life, Charles says, “I’ll miss the support and advice I’ve received from my teachers and staff who nurtured and guided me.” They have truly become the father figure that was missing in his life before.

     Because science is his favorite class, he hopes to become a paramedic or a phlebotomist in the future. 


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