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OLV Charities

Continuing Father Baker’s Legacy of Caring

The mission of OLV Charities is to continue Father Baker's legacy of caring by promoting devotion to Our Lady of Victory and by supporting services for children, adults and families in need.

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Pray with Us

Masses and Novenas are offered throughout the year.  Memorial Gifts for loved ones.

Golden Treasury Cards

Our Golden Treasury Cards will let your family, friends, are co-workers know of your love at important times in their lives.

Fr. Baker's Legacy

OLV Charities has its roots in the pioneering and inspirational work of Father Nelson Baker.

Helping Hands

When comforting a child in pain, embracing a troubled teen or nurturing a rejected youngster, you are an extension of Jesus’ hands. Helping Hands Club members provide treatment, equipment and loving care to those in need.

Spiritual Association

The Spiritual Society is a society of individuals devoted to Our Lady of Victory.  Founded in 1882 by Father Nelson Baker, it continues to this day at OLV Charities with worldwide membership.

Mission Advancement

The legacy of a life is best measured in the number of hearts touched. Many folks assist our children- and families-in-need through estate gifts and annuity programs, all of which benefit both them and OLV Charities.