"As  parents, you just can't do it alone"

     Quinn was born with an extra chromosome, an extremely rare disorder called Mosaic Supernumery Ring Chromosome 3.  At the time of Quinn’s birth, it was obvious to her parents that something was wrong.  Test results determined that the cause was not genetic, but rather a most unusual impairment, one of which there is very little knowledge.

     Quinn experiences muscle weakness, has pin-sized pupils, sleeping issues, and all of her developmental milestones have been delayed.  At age one, she was not talking, crawling, or walking.  And as she grew, it became apparent that Quinn also had learning disabilities.

     Needing help, her parents turned to OLV Human Services Pre-school Program at St. John’s Parkside.  The decision to seek out OLV Human Services, in particular, was an easy one – Quinn’s mother, Tiffaney, volunteered at OLV Infant Home as a teenager, while her grandmother and aunt both worked at the Infant home.  And her grandparents had adopted a child from the organization in the past.

     Today, Quinn receives physical therapy, occupational therapy, and attends speech classes in an integrated setting.  Nearly five years old now, Quinn can walk, run, jump, climb the stairs, speak in sentences, and uses a pair of scissors.  Her motor and academic skills have greatly improved.  And she loves school!  This amazing little girl has conquered so many challenges already in her young life.

     “The supportive services we received from OLV Human Services and the staff at St. John’s is outstanding,” says Tiffaney. 


“I appreciate the assistance and loving care Quinn has received.  And it’s so necessary – as parents, you just can’t do it alone.”