Vulnerable and abandoned …that’s how Blake entered this world!  

        You see, Blake’s mother left him alone and helpless in his tiny hospital crib. Saddled with a long-standing heroin addiction and unable to reject her strong drug cravings, she discharged herself from the hospital just two days after giving birth to this precious baby boy.  
    Instead of entering the world surrounded by love, Blake’s welcome was one of wrenching pain as he remained in the hospital suffering through 14 days of drug withdrawal.

     Meanwhile the County Protective Services, looking for a placement for Blake, contacted Baker Victory Services’ Foster Care Program.  Immediately, Blake was put into the arms of loving, nurturing foster parents who were eager to give him the love he deserved!  

    But because of his birth mother’s addiction, the road was rocky.  For two years, she did not follow through with any drug rehab programs.  And she was in and out of Blake’s life – visiting times and court appointments were not always kept ─ causing much uncertainty and difficulty for the foster parents. Yet they persevered through the mother’s unpredictability while giving Blake a loving and stable home.  

     Eventually, Blake’s birth mother, realizing she could not care for him, finally made the decision to surrender him.  Once that determination was made, the foster parents quickly initiated the adoption process.

     At the adoption ceremony, Blake was given the middle name of Nelson after Father Nelson Baker, our saintly founder.  Father Baker was an example of compassion for the adopted parents – they admired his legacy of caring, they were friends with a “Father Baker Boy,” and they had completed their foster care training through OLV Human Services. Is it any wonder that he was given the name Nelson?    

     Blake’s adopted parents are giving him tender loving care.  His life is changed because of them!  He now has caring and supportive parents who love him, an older brother who adores him, and a warm and nurturing home environment.

Now each day is a special one of love and happiness for Blake and his new family!