New life and hope!

     As a teenager, Alice was having great difficulty in relating with her family and friends.  Communicating with others did not come easy for her and she avoided doing so.  Her lack of relational skills led to emotional and behavioral challenges.  Life was not easy for Alice!

     And Alice’s very supportive family finding it hard to cope with her emotions and behaviors reached out to OLV Human Services for help.  At age 15, Alice entered our residential program and attended Baker Hall School.  Through intensive counseling, change gradually happened and Alice learned how to control her behavior and to interact with others appropriately.

     Shortly after arriving here, Alice became involved in The Way Program (Work Appreciation for Youth), a program offered by OLV Human Services to help at-risk youth not only realize the value of education but also develop the skills needed to obtain a job and keep it.  Participation in this program was another turning point in Alice’s life.

     In addition to learning specific culinary skills, she also learned customer service skills, ways to communicate more effectively, and how to work as a team member.

     Her mentors and those who work with Alice describe her as a dedicated, dependable, preserving, hardworking, generous, caring, giving person – one who is an inspiration to others.

     After 4 years in our residential facility, Alice returned home to live with her loving family.  While working at two restaurants, she went on to earn her GED (General Education Diploma).  And her story doesn’t end here.

     Alice had a dream of one day working with children.  She called her mentor at The Way Program to help her develop a resume and find employment.  After having several interviews, she accepted a job at a local day care center, and has been employed there for two years.  And now she has another dream – to attend a local community college to pursue a degree in social work.

Alice’s story is truly an amazing one of new life and hope!